“Innovation on a Napkin” Assignment

“Innovation on a Napkin” Assignment


Over the years working on my previous degree, I was forced to purchase or subscribe to many websites to gain access to software for a project for a single class. The classes have always been eight weeks long, and thus I have needed the software for a maximum of seven weeks. Several times I have been able to use the trial version to complete the project, but there are downsides to the “free” trials. The first problem is that the trial version rarely has the full capabilities of the paid version. The second problem is that the trial version still requires a credit card to be placed on file. If after the trial period is over, I would be charged if I did not cancel the subscription.

There is a service that can take away the worries of the trial subscription trap called Donotpay (DONOTPAY, 2020). Donotpay is a legal way to use a “fake” credit card to try limited-time subscriptions. And when the trial is over the card cannot be charged so the user does not have to worry about being charged. The concept is good if the project can be completed in the trial period.

The product that I propose is a service that would push the time needed to complete projects but is not a full subscription period. Try-it-out would be a way to use services and applications for a short time to complete projects yet not be locked into a lengthy subscription.


DONOTPAY. (2020). How to Cancel Any Service or Subscription | DoNotPay. DoNotPay. Retrieved from https://donotpay.com/learn/how-to-cancel/.

One thought on ““Innovation on a Napkin” Assignment

  1. I always have this problem as I try new software all the time for video editing or just a random interest I suddenly caught and am always stuck with a crappy 7-day trial or something that won’t really suffice. I don’t want to pay the crazy subscription price yet I do want access to the program for the necessary time I want to play around with it. I know final cut pro does something like a 90-day trial which is awesome and actually allows me to properly gauge that specific software after hours of messing with it. I often find the free versions also lacking the full immersive experience as well! I understand why, but I feel less inclined to make that specific investment afterward. Do you think these software companies would shorten their subscription times and rates if there was a business such as “Try-it-out?”


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