ENY670 – Customer Assumptions 

Stronghold Armory Indoor Gun Range Customer Assumptions  

• Company Overview

Stronghold Armory is to be a full-service gun range offering state of the art shooting experience and Federal Firearms License (FFL) brokering. Stronghold Armory will have ten fully automated and well-ventilated firing lanes that will accommodate almost all handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Stronghold armory carries a wide selection of ammunition and gun-related accessories in a variety of models, types, and calibers. The lobby and rest area offer customers, that want to spectate, a view of the firing lanes with ample seating and flatscreen TVs.

• Ideal Customer

It is easy to state that anyone that likes firearms would be the ideal customer, however, that is not realistic or beneficial. Stronghold Armory Indoor Gun Range will be appealing to a wide portion of the population, but there are three primary market segments for an ideal customer. For this Brief, they will be labeled as Local, Transient, and Tourist.

  • Personal Background

Local – Male, 35-50 years old, has a family,

Transient – Male, 18-25 years old, single,

Tourist – Male, 28-40 years old, family irrelevant,

  • Professional Background

Local – established in a career,

Transient – beginning a military career

Tourist – has a job and is on vacation

  • Geographical

Local – lives in the area, with intention of staying for longer than a year

Transient – lives in the area for military training 4-8 months

Tourist – visiting the area for tourist attractions for longer than a day

  • Budget

Local – has career which offers the means to be a customer regularly

Transient – has less income than local, but has fewer financial obligations, which allows for leisure activities until moving to new duty station

Tourist – has money allotted to spend in the area

  • Wants/Needs

Local – an indoor shooting environment that is not an hour drive away

Transient – something to do on the weekends when traveling beyond the local area is not permitted by the military

Tourist – a western experience shooting guns after visiting Tombstone

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