ENT670 – Product Assumptions  

Stronghold Armory Indoor Gun Range Product Assumptions  

• Value Proposition

Stronghold Armory is to be a full-service gun range offering state of the art shooting experience and Federal Firearms License (FFL) brokering. Stronghold Armory will have ten fully automated and well-ventilated firing lanes that will accommodate almost all handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Stronghold armory carries a wide selection of ammunition and gun-related accessories in a variety of models, types, and calibers. The lobby and rest area offer customers, that want to spectate, a view of the firing lanes with ample seating and flatscreen TVs

• Products and Services

Gun Range Rental. Customers will be able to rent firing range lane or lanes by the hour. There are ten firing lanes available for rent. There will be discounts offered for multi lane rental with a required time allotment.

Sale of Ammunition. Customers will have the choice of bringing in outside ammunition or purchasing from the sales and service counter.

Sale of Targets. Customers will have the choice of bringing in outside targets or purchasing from the sales and service counter.

Firearm Rentals. Customers that do not own a firearm or wish to shoot a type of firearm that they do not own, may rent a firearm from the sales and service counter.

Classes and Coaching. Three different classes will be offered; Carry Conceal Licensing, Basic Firearms Familiarization and Safety, and Advanced Firearm Training. Carry Conceal Licensing class will be offered for one weekend a month, and the training material will cover the state required curriculum to attain a Carry Conceal License. Basic Firearms Familiarization and Safety class can be scheduled upon request and covers the basics of firearms of handling, terminology, weapon operation, operator maintenance, and cleaning for new firearm owners.  Advanced Firearm Training class can be scheduled upon request and covers defensive shooting or competition shooting.

Membership. Customers can purchase a membership and pay monthly dues for a reduced price for gun range rentals and firearm rentals.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) Transfers. Customers that wish to buy a firearm and have a it shipped to them must use a licensed facility to ensure that all paperwork is filed in accordance to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms. Customers need to fill out the appropriate paperwork and then can have the firearm delivered for a fee.

• Intellectual Property Issues

Stronghold Armory will strive to minimize intellectual property issues by not using images or graphics of products that have trademarks, copyrights, and patents in all forms of advertainments. Stronghold Armory will need to register for business name and Copyright.

• Dependency Analysis

Stronghold Armory will utilize two forms of supply chains, products into the business for sale or business upkeep as well as dunnage exiting the business. The supply chains supplying the business will include ammunition and targets from manufactures and retailers, and business supplies from office supply retailers. The supply chains for the dunnage will include recycling facilities that will purchase the spent bullet casings and projectiles. 

• Cost of Product Adoption

Stronghold Armory’s cost for product adoption by customers based on customer feedback would include:

–              Marketing expenses.

–              Employee training and/or recruitment

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