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Key Success Factors for Stronghold Armory and Indoor Gun Range

Stronghold Armory and Indoor Gun Range is a proposed venture, which will be in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Stronghold Armory is to be a full-service gun range offering state of the art shooting experience and Federal Firearms License (FFL) brokering. Stronghold Armory will be offering services to the local population, Fort Huachuca military base, tourist, and law enforcement agencies (police, sheriff, as well as border and customs) without indoor ranges. For Stronghold Armory to be a success, there needs to be a way ahead with well thought out key success factors. The most common key success factors in a business are; Strategic Focus, People, Customer Relations, Marketing, and Finances.

Strategic Focus

Stronghold Armory will be customer-driven based on providing an affordable option for a safe and comfortable shooting experience in the unfriendly elements in southern Arizona. Stronghold Armory will be focused on what we do best, offering a service that the public wants at an affordable price. Stronghold Armory has a sustainable competitive advantage by establishing a business model within the community that has never been offered to the general public. Stronghold Armory promotes not only the core values of the business but that of the civic and military communities that it serves. 


Stronghold Armory is veteran owned and operated. Having devoted so much of my life to the armed service, Stronghold Armory will strive to hire veterans and military dependents. Stronghold Armory will be teaming up with the Army Solider for Life program that offers training and job placement to military members approaching an exit of the military. Stronghold Armory will strive to offer training for service members and jobs to military veterans that have the knowledge and training in firearm handling and safety. Employees will be offered and encouraged to become better educated in firearm safety, such as certified firearm coaches as well as carry concealed instructors. By reimbursing satisfactory firearm training, Stronghold Armory wants to develop the employees to become valuable assets to the business and offer training that will be useful in obtaining employment if employees need to relocate due to military obligations.

Customer Relations

               Stronghold Armory will place a strong emphasis on customer relations. The success of any business is based on the relationship between the customers and the business. Many businesses try to use the model of “the customer is always right.” The problem with this ideology is that too often the business alginates their employees or other customers by allowing a customer that is in the wrong to take advantage of the business or employees. The philosophy that will be used at Stronghold Armory is Solve for Yes. Working with the customer to find a way that the customer feels that they are receiving the best service for their money is the way that we want to promote word of mouth that the customer is valued. The team will record any suggestions or complaints that customers may have about the business. These notes will be discussed during the weekly team meetings to find solutions to better serve the customers.


               Marketing is identifying customers and how figuring out the best way to suit their needs. The customer base is diverse; the local population with firearm interests, military families, tourists, and law enforcement agencies. By marketing to military and law enforcement agencies, Stronghold Armory is in a position to leverage additional revenue streams. Once a business has identified its customers, it must advertise services and goods that meet their needs. As mentioned above, the cheapest, if not the best form of advertisement, is word of mouth. However, to target all the possible customer demographics, word of mouth will not cover it. Attracting new tourist customers will require outdoor media such as signs around the tourism areas. Advertising to the local populations will require different mediums such as; radio, newspapers (local and military), and social media. Because of the diverse ages within the customer base, using only one form of advertisement will not be suitable for the desired results.


Financial success is a marathon, not a sprint. There are many keys to finances that the business and the employees need to know and work together. The business must acknowledge that having competitive prices that offer value to customers brings in revenues but is only the first step. Additional steps to financial success are monitoring cashflow and keeping accurate financial data. A business owner must be self-aware of their limitations and seek professional accounting resources if their knowledge is lacking. Employees need to be properly equipped to do their job and thus understand that their performance has a direct impact on profits. And lastly, the business infostructure needs to function, the facility and equipment must be maintained to offer the services that keep customers satisfied to continue to do business.


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