ENT650 – Narrative Assignment

Stronghold Armory Indoor Gun Range

For my proposed venture, I choose an indoor gun range, Stronghold Armory, in Sierra Vista Az. This business idea spawned from driving my wife over an hour and a half to the nearest indoor gun range from the military base that I was stationed at. Sierra Vista is not a large town; however, it is the largest town in a 60-mile radius. Sierra Vista has one major advantage for this type of business; it is located within a 15-minute drive from a military base, tourism location (Tombstone AZ.), and law enforcement agencies (police, sheriff, as well as border and customs) without indoor ranges.

The strength of the venture is the fact that there is no direct competition. Sierra Vista has average temperatures in the summer months ranging from 90-100 degrees (with heat index up to 115 degrees), and many of the locals and tourists wanting something to do indoors. The local outdoor range is only open during select hours on the weekend with limited shade. I spoke to many of the local law enforcement agencies, military, and veterans in the area and the venture would be well received by the population. The final strength is the wild west tourism in the area because of Tombstone. By offering rental firearms, revolvers and lever-action rifles, the venture would attract tourism customers for a large portion of the year.

The weakness of the venture is the start-up cost of an indoor firing range. To meet the requirements of local, state, and federal legislation for businesses that buy, sell, or rent firearms is expensive.  To further the cost of startup, the firing range would have to meet a higher standard for military and law enforcement to use. One big weakness to note is the competition of potential customers to choose not to pay for a range altogether. Some locals have been known to drive out to the middle of nowhere and shoot weapons on private and state land. While shooing firearms on government property is not always legal it is rarely enforced.

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