Creativity-Innovation Book Reflections

What is the job that I hired Western Carolina University to do?

What is the job that I hired Western Carolina University to do?

In the jobs to be done world, every product can be associated with a job. What job is Western Carolina University did for me, Dustin Brown, as a student wanting to earn a master’s degree?

To understand the job, I will list out what roles were needed to be filled for my personal experience.

  1. Accepted by GoArmyEd – being an active-duty soldier I have the resource of using Army tuition assistance up to the level of master’s degree.
  2. Degree – I was looking for a university that had the degree that I wanted, which was approved by GoArmyEd. In this case, I wanted a degree that was based on Entrepreneurship.
  3. Cost – Army tuition assistance will pay $750 toward tuition for a degree that is covered the approved list. Anything beyond the tuition or any portion of tuition not covered I will have to pay for out of pocket or must take loans for.
  4. Degree plan – the degree must be able to be completed entirely online.

When you look at the Job that I was looking to hire there were several “hires” that were in contention. The two types of hires were to choose any school that met the needs that I had for the job or the choice of doing nothing.

Many times, people overlook the choice of nothing. In my case, I could have taken a couple of years off or been content with not pursuing anything beyond what I have already finished. I choose to continue my education and I shopped around until I found WCU.

The first class that I am taking is a deciding factor as to whether I continue to hire WCU for the job or not. After or even during the class I could conclude that I no longer choose to hire WCU and at that time I could fire WCU for a different choice.

As I look forward to my next class and am looking into the fall semester it safe to believe that WCU will continue to be the little hire in my education needs.

I hope this description helps to understand Jobs to be done. Everyone has a different reason for hiring or firing for their jobs. WCU has made the choice to continue to hire by offering all the requirements for the job.

Christensen, C., Hall, T., Dillon, K. and Duncan, D. (2016). Competing against luck. New York: HarperBusiness.

One thought on “Creativity-Innovation Book Reflections

  1. Hi Dustin,
    I think it would be crushing for me if I had a product and I knew customers had a need but choose nothing over choosing me. It is interesting to hear you compare your studies at WCU to a produce, but you are 100% correct. It is good to know you find value in the course and I am glad you are continuing. Here is to hoping that this program helps us avoid consumers choosing it over nothing.


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