Creativity-Innovation Book Reflections

First Impressions

“If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing” – father of the quality movement W. Edward Deming.

Christensen opens the preface with one question, “why should you hire this book?” This question is the introduction to the Theory of jobs to be done. The basic concept of Theory of jobs to be done, or Job Theory, is that any product that we purchase is being hired to do a job. For an example, the energy drink that is sitting beside my computer right now was hired to do a job/jobs. The jobs might be; taste good, quench thirst, provide energy/motivation (to write), and finally be within the price range that the consumer is willing to pay the product to perform the jobs. There are many products vying to land these types of jobs and they compete every day to the masses to get hired.

Businesses spent vast amounts of resources to research and develop new products and for years never really asked by consumers choose one product over the next one. Many naturally assume that price is the driving reason for some products failing while other succeed. However, if price was the only factor than only the most and least expensive product would survive. Job theory focuses on the customer’s experiences that help create the right solution for the job and then tailor those solutions into a product that will be hired consistently and avoid being “fired” for a different product.  

Christensen, C., Hall, T., Dillon, K. and Duncan, D. (2016). Competing against luck. New York: HarperBusiness.

One thought on “Creativity-Innovation Book Reflections

  1. Hi Dustin,
    Interesting idea about determining a product’s “job”. I think in today’s markets a fair amount of consumers are turning away from the lowest price mindset and they want their products to have the “job” of being socially and environmentally conscious.


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