ENT 610 Week 3 Reflection

To say this week was trying would be an understatement. For those of us that were labeled as “essential personnel” the workload was heavy, and hours were long.  While doing my tasks for COVID-19 reaction and watching the news I took a few moments to reflect on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship by nature is a person puttingContinue reading “ENT 610 Week 3 Reflection”

Life is the sum of the decisions you make along the way.

As this is the first week of my master’s program, I have reflected a little on how I got to this place in my life. I was born deaf but after many surgeries, I was able to hear, but not hearing during a key development phase, I am dyslexic. I did not learn to readContinue reading “Life is the sum of the decisions you make along the way.”