If I was honest with myself and those reading this, if I said when this program started, I didn’t understand what a blog was. The first assignment in the program was to make a blog and share the web address on the discussion board. That sounded easy enough for a person that works with computers every day. Make a webpage and post content, two simple things for having a blog. However, I never felt comfortable about posting on the blog, because most things that I was working on for the class had to be posted on the discussion board, so why should I post on the blog? Over the last week, I have done some honest research about blogs and vlogs.

I have never been the type of person that liked to write about myself. Even as a child, I would hear about friends that had their journals taken, and their thoughts shared without their consent. These events caused me to be guarded about putting my thoughts to paper, short of academic writing. With this mentality, I never understood what would drive a person to write all their thoughts out for others to read and judge them. The more I researched “blogging” I came to realize that having a blog isn’t only about sharing thoughts but can be about sharing experiences or skills.

I thought about the program’s assignment and concentrated on the business side of blogging. Firstly, how can a person have a blog that generates money? In principle, it comes down to content and the hosting of the content. If the author/content is interesting, engaging, and appealing then readers visit the page which equates to views or visits. When a blog has enough people visiting the page, the author can have the page monetized with advertisements. The more people view the page, the more that the advertisers will pay the author.

All of this sounds too easy; pick a topic, write, and get paid. But the truth is that it can be easy or extremely hard. Making money from a blog uses the same principles as most businesses. What sets you apart from the competition, who is your target market or audience, and the advertising to attract customers or in this case readers to your site. The principle of business that affects blogs the most, is what sets you apart. As mentioned, several times, it is all about content.

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