There is an old saying that “if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck.”

In case anyone has wondered what, I have been up to, I will give you a quick update.

I was not able to attend the last class. I had every intention of taking the class, however, there was a clerical error with the Army’s tuition assistance. Even though I was enrolled in the class I had to drop due to funding.

While I was attempting to get the funding issue resolved, I was also packing up my household goods and moving my family to two separate locations. I moved from Arizona to Washington (that’s the Army for you), during the peak of quarantine. I made this move with two kids (12 & 13) and two full-size dogs. To make matters slightly more chaotic my wife had to stay in Arizona. The university that was going to allow her to transfer the nursing program that she is currently pursuing, would no longer accept her due to the pandemic. A family friend has graciously offered my wife a place to live while she completes her degree. After living in a hotel for just shy of a month, I am pleased to report that the kids and I are in a house and are settling in.

When this class opened, I was able to quickly look at the information but due to my new job, I would not have the time to work on anything until the weekend. When I logged into the class on Friday, I had found out that I was dropped from the class even though I had spoken to my advisor and paid my tuition. After working with the administration, I was able to be placed back in the class.

I felt rather behind because of the loss of a week and a half, but as I am reading over the course material, I now have a new sense of dread. It appears that by missing the last class I might have missed information that will be built upon for this class. I see some long nights ahead and hopefully, I will see everyone on the other side of this.

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