ENT 610 Week 5 Reflection

The choices you make can either break you or define you.

I have been looking forward to moving in three months since the beginning of the year. I was notified by the army, that I would be moving in July to Washington state around the Tacoma/Seattle area. And now with the current situations this country is facing, I will not be able to make that move. I have been looking forward to this move for three reasons.
Firstly, the move would place me into a position within a unit that would afford me an opportunity for promotion.
The move would help me research the market surrounding a large military base to gauge whether my business idea would be feasible/profitable.
And lastly, I was just excited to get away from the high desert small town where I and my family have been living for the last three years.
Before you feel any sympathy for me and my family, I must state that it is my choice to not make this move.
For the last eight years, I’ve had custody of my two children. And for the last five years, I have been married to my wonderful wife, who loves these kids as though they were her own. My wife is a nurse, who had been trying to get into different nursing programs since we arrived here in Arizona. The remote area in which we live means that she had been on several wait lists for a couple of years and then was finally accepted last fall. I had been reassured that I would not move until summer 2021 by the Human Resources Command, so she accepted the program and has excelled in her classes. Only a short time later I was notified that they had made a mistake and we would be moving summer 2020. After some searching, my wife found a school that would accept her as a transfer, but now with the COVID-19 issues, they will not be accepting any transfers for at least a year. Thus, I have put in paperwork to request that I stay for another year.
Having said all of this, there is nothing from holding me back from still trying to research the business venture idea. The problem would be trying to launch an online business with no local connection before it has a footing.
I know this might sound like ramblings of a person who should be thankful he has a job during a time when so many are without jobs or have no security with the national uncertainty that is happening right now. I am thankful for my job, the health of my family, and that my wife can further her education. This is just a way to vent what I am thinking about and would not be opposed to other’s input.

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